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Ride London-Surrey100, 10th August 2014.

Sunday, 17th August 2014.

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Sunday, 17th August
It's mutiny I tells ya! Nine brave souls set sail on the good ship Velo Teifi, hailing from Cenarth Post Office into a fresh Westerly breeze, taking in those famous ports of Abercych, Boncath, Egglesquiggle, Moylegrove and St. Dogmaels, pulling into Moylegrove garden centre en route to stock up on provisions. Smuggled amongst the swarthy sea dogs were two returning conscripts (welcome back Graham and Martin) and a gen-yooo-ine refugee from the Royal Navy (Ahoy there, Emma) to add a little class to proceedings.  In charge of our fine vessel were two captains of dubious character; firstly, an incoherent babbling loon, presumably confined to his cabin following the text reminder debacle that contained no grammar, structure or logic [but it made you stonger. Fitter. More productive...  - Ed.] and we suspect he has been dipping into the crew’s rum rations - “Cap'n Carlos UmBongo”.  Secondly, the other, seen prowling around on deck clearly suffering from some form of grievous head injury requiring him to wear an enormous bandage that looks a bit like a mushroom, “Capt'n. 'Drool".  (Re-enactment of the mushroom helmet through the medium of a scone may be viewed in the Gallery)  The journey out was marred by an unruly chain that refused to stay on, repeatedly ejecting the rider into the scenery and liberally coating her in chain oil, a very fetching look!  On the pull up to the garden centre, the author took the opportunity to shelter from the breeze behind Cap'n. 'Drool, benefitting greatly from the tow available on account of “a vast behind".  However the seeds of mutiny were sown at the coffee stop.  Cap'n. 'Drool was first observed complaining about the consistency of his butter (actually clotted cream).  Following this minor transgression, he then proceeded to empty the contents of the jam pot into his lap before drinking his latte and that of another (ahem, the Author's, that is)  simultaneously.  And so it is that Cap'n 'Drool and Cap'n UmBongo are herewith relieved of command and will be made to walk the plank like the scurvy sea dogs they are.  An artist’s impression of Cap'n Carlos UmBongo may be admired in the Gallery also.

Many thanks to Capt. Haddock (aka Seaman Staines) and his obvious talent for nautical nonsense.


Friday, 15th August
See the Forum for details of exciting events in 2015.

12th July 2014
2014 Club Kit now available and if it's good enough for Movistar and NetApp Endura, it's good enough for us!  Click on "The Club Colours" for more details.
11 July 2014:
Velo Teifi website hacked by limp-wristed bedroom dwellers.  Please bear with us as we piece it all back together.

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Club Ride
RideLondon-Surrey 100
Narbeth Coffee Run.  Meet 0830, Finch Square
Club Rides
(09:30 a.m. meet for a 09:45 start.)

3Aug: Central Cafe, NCE
17Aug: Post Office, Cenarth
31Aug: Finch Square, Cardigan

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