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Demystifying Ladies Rides

Some say that lady cyclists talk about kittens and all things pink.' It has also been suggested that The Stig was posing as Carl on the previous ladies ride scouting for cycling talent. To set the record straight here is a glossary (with reference to Graham's the other week) of yesterday's ride. Ann - and also Julie, Meinir and Jayne departed Ffinch Sq. heading towards Mwnt, Blaenanerch, Llechryd and the Wildlife centre.

  • Bicycle - We wouldn't be riding without these.

  • Coffee and cake - Undoubtably enjoyed by all.

  • Downhill - Lady Lane supplied this with a superb view as well.

  • Effort - What is required before downhill is reached.

  • Farts - Causes great hilarity amongst the girls on dull, dreary days. At least 2 ladies on the ride have come out as being producers of farts

  • Hills - No ride in Wales is free of these.

  • Idle - Not us!

  • Jolly - What we usually are!

  • Pilates - Another form of exercise enjoyed by girls.

  • Rain - As with hills often found in Wales.

  • Slimming World - Another hot topic of conversation amongst the ladies.

  • Tarmac - Definitely needs replacing in Cilgerran.

  • Weightwatchers - Yet another topic of conversation.

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