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Frosty Ffostrassol

Frosty Ffostrassol proved the venue for very social riders Tim, Ian, Alison, Jayne and Pete. With sun in the eyes and all wrapped up like mummies they departed for Capel Cynon and heading off in amazingly dry, dusty conditions the riders traversed only thin strips of ice on the lanes towards Talgarreg. There were spectacular views as they rode up Talgarreg hill into cold winds. Jayney learnt the merits of soaking oats in yogurt the night before your breakfast from Alison (it's amazing what you learn on a social ride.) Sweeping down towards Pontsian, icy strips kept well to the sides of the road and the riders safely negotiated a short cut of Pete's up to Maesymeillion. An enjoyable ride along the straight open road brought them to the Capel Cynon lane again and finally, welcome hot drinks at the Ffostrassol Arms.

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