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Five go mad in Borth

Alison, Tim, Jayne, Pete and Steve took up the Borth 2 day challenge. 'Dawdle 'cos there's too much rain and fog!' suggested Steve as everyone settled comfortably into the Newbys' sofas with tea and biscuits. Eventually, in fog and rain the quintet departed into a landscape of primeval, knarly tree lined lanes. Tim seemed to know where he was going : above Llanrhystyd, on to Llangwyryfon and a final descent to Aberystwyth just

as the wind became an added chill factor. Lunch was in a deserted cafe, the corner of which, inhabited by the quintet soon became damp and steamy. Lashings of tea, cooked breakfast type food and chocolate cake fuelled everyone and they were soon up Penglais hill riding ever Borthwards. The clouds parted and the sun was spotted as they descended, carefully negotiating a 25% slope and into town.

The attractions of Borth seem to be:

a) The sunken (or is it drunken) forests.

b) Interesting sea front buildings just about on the right side of run down.

c) A youth hostel that sells beer!

Oh joy! The youth hostel in sight lifted peoples' spirits, a helpful owner, warm dry rooms and a safe place for bikes. 'Skin - flint - ism' prevailed and the 5 piled in to 1 room (gender neutrally) with good sea views and 2 essential rules: no snoring and make sure there is no more wind inside than outside. Suitably showered and sorted it was off to paint Borth red or indeed collect a takeaway curry. Said curry was greatly enjoyed by all, but Jayney was warned not to sneak poppadoms out to munch in bed!

Next morning with blue sky and fluffy clouds and after 1st, 2nd and even 3rd breakfasts the riders rode off across the flatlands and up to Talybont. The ascent to Nant y Moch reservoir began. With spectacular views and a steady climb the 5 rode the shore of the lake and then descended to Ponterwyd. The only drama, was what befell a crow that was snatched by a buzzard to be devoured in the forest. Onwards to Devil's Bridge and the riders came upon a road race going the opposite way (don't they look small!) A stunning descent to Pontrhydygroes and a tasty lunch at the 'Cwtch' cafe before a parting of the ways. The boys went the full distance to the Newbys' house while Alison and Jayne 'dawdled' down to Tregaron to collect the car. A fantastic 2 days riding and 'Chapeau' to Alison for organising the trip.

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