Want to join us?


Velo Teifi Cyling Club draws the majority of its current membership from the Cardigan/Newcastle Emlyn area of West Wales, but we are keen to involve anyone and everyone.  So if you're reading this in some exotic part of the world (not that West Wales isn't exotic you understand) then do get in touch; we'd love to increase our membership to beyond the UK's shores.​

Velo Teifi Cycling Club has a modest membership fee...


Individual membership: £15.00

Individual in full time education: £10.00

Family membership*: £20.00


*Family membership allows two adults plus two 'children' between 16 and 18 plus unlimited children under 16 years old (for you rabbits out there...)


To join, you will need to complete one of our very simple (much like ourselves) Application Forms.  To do this, follow the link below, print off the form, read the small print, sign and date the form and then send it with the appropriate payment to the addressee indicated on the form.


Access to the form can be found Here


Velo Teifi Cycling Club looks forward to you joining us soon.  We like people.  We especially like people who like bikes.

Find the constitution  here


Find Data Protection Policy here