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Abercych Hill - head on...

It was a circular route from Cenarth to the Wildlife centre via Abercych, Boncath, Eglwswrw and Cilgerran for Ann, Jayney and Julie. Jayney realised her nose was doing running tap impressions today. The girls decided to tackle Abercych hill head on, no avoiding detours today and after reaching Boncath Julie thought there was an elephant in the peloton.

Anyway we'll have a bit more glossary;

  • Abercych hill - bravely attempted head on today with success.

  • Boncath - wizzed through.

  • Dry - well almost.

  • Elephant - what Jayney sounded like when she blew her nose (according to Julie!)

  • Fast - self evident.

  • Going faster - what Ann and Jayney did behind Julie.

  • Other riders - 12 in fact, on a variety of different bikes at the coffee stop.

  • Wildlife centre - Coffee and cake stop but choc-a-bloc with cyclists today.

And finally, Jayney has a literary offering influenced by Radio 4's 'I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue’ - “As the muscles of tension power the body of intent, and clinching buttocks hover over the saddle of stability the riders finally breast the hill of despair - now is the time to say goodbye!”

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