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Monkey Business

2 intrepid ladies Alison and Jayne ignored mist and mirk that summer has become and departed Ffostrassol towards Cwmtydu. Ever onwards, they dismissed talk of kittens, and all things pink and sweet (although talk of cakes was allowed.) Vegetables, health and politics (including B****t) were discussed avidly. Once the hairpins were negotiated they enjoyed delicious avocado and courgette cake and further put the world to rights. Selfies were taken on the front and a very nice gentleman even stepped in to take a photo of the 2 jolly girls. Conversation then took a strange turn with seeing who had the longest arms and therefore was most related to monkeys. (Answer is top secret.) The 2 girls finally rode back up the pretty valley to Plwmp before returning to Ffostrassol.

A loverly Aug day in West Wales!

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