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A Ferret!

A Ferret.'

The promise of a warm, sunny ride beckoned Len, John and Jayne out of hibernation and after wishing Graham and co. a good ride to Llangrannog they headed off to the wildlife centre. Riding through Abercych, Ffosyficar and Boncath they enjoyed early birdsong and great views. Plenty of new tarmac had been laid along the lanes facilitating cycling while John and Jayne kept a close eye on Len so that he did not get lost again! Coffee and cake was taken outside the centre enjoying magnificent views and where Jayney was distracted by a delightful and well behaved ferret. 'It's called Grizzly Bear' said its young owner. Grizzly did however take an interest in the 3 cyclists and kept sauntering over. Whether it was flapjack, chocolate brownie or just smelly cyclists' socks that attracted it, we weren't sure. It also transpired that Grizzy liked icecream. Saying goodbye to the ferret and the wildlife centre the 3 riders set off back to Llechryd and Llantygwydd where they went their separate ways after a good first ride of the year.

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