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Breeding Potholes

'A good turn out of Len, John, 2 Petes, Martin, Ian and Jayne departed Ffinch Square and rode up Cwm Degwel. Congregating at the top before proceeding to Croft and then down the B road through Glanrhyd the riders headed directly to Newport via Nevern. The descent to the village was dodgy as the road was a prime breeding ground for potholes. Once at the main road they crossed, taking the lane (pothole free) and took the scenic detour via Cilgwyn and the easterly end of Cwm Gwaun eventually arriving at Cafe Blas from the castle end. The ride home was was taken by crossing the river Nevern and the climb up was reasonable owing to the' step like ascent'. The riders eventually went their separate ways at Croft.

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