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When The Chairman is Away

As his Chairmanship is still away, the boys ride reports falls to an Underling (that's (more) cake & coffee you owe me your chairmanship.) As is the boys prerogative, having discussed the merits of bikes for 15 mins, the boys took about 30 secs to chose the Penralt Garden Centre cafe as their destination and considerably longer to decide how to get there. With some vague notion that west was not only best but also the right direction and likely to avoid any rain, we set off. I'd like to say that indecision at junctions was down to a lack a leadership by his Chairmanship but I now have empirical evidence that isn't the case. Boncath passed without drama, a set of red lights were passed en route at green - a novelty. His Chairmanship would have insisted we wait until they had turned to Red. Options to sneak into Penralt from above were spurned in favour of a head on assault of Moylgrove hill. Again, without his Chairmanship in attendance to ensure fair play, liberties were taken - even Mr Hallett took a wide line out right on the crucial 2nd bend. Gateaux et boisson chaud were up to the usual standard and Dr L let us into the secret of his svelt like physique - 'stop eating when you are are full!' Looked like a waste of good carrot cake to me - but what do I know? The journey to Croft passed without incident, the descent of the hill towards Penybryn was almost accomplished without drama! The penultimate bend isn't easy and it was instructive to see a fellow cyclist having the presence of mind to brake and shimmy towards the ditch in favour of a death or glory tip in at the apex... The occasion also gave Mr H the opportunity to explain that tyre grip is more important than braking ability - I'm inclined to think a little bit of brake early is better than a lot of brake late but hey I'm only an Underling. Cilgerran was passed without incident - I'd like to report that the tarmac is much improved but it isn't - even the controversial Roubaix Future Shock struggled. At Lechryd the Peloton headed towards Abercych then dispersed to pay homage to the great Strava Deity

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