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Michele's Magical Mystery Tour

Today the touring group departed from Pontgarreg village hall. The Digbys had arrived en velo from Emlyn, and Ann, Meinir and Steve came from Aberporth. Michele arrived to lead the ride and almost had an anxiety attack at the thought of having 2 chaps along! However, Mark and Steve were a delight to have along and fun was had by all on what became Michele's magical mystery tour. For the majority of the time nobody had a clue where they were but luckily Michele did (or so the others thought)! The intrepid tourers set off on the back road roller coaster to New Quay. Up to Blaecelyn, down to Capel Y Wig, up again and down to Penbontrhydfothau, steeply out of Penbont and down to Llwyndafydd, steeply out of there and down to Nanternis and out again....and this set the scene for the whole ride. Meinir left us during this section as she had to be home early. Not a word was said about farting, weight watchers, girlie issues and the like, mainly because we couldn't get our breath (hard to believe we know). A steep decent down Francis Street took us to The Mariners Cafe on the sea front. The options for a caffeine stop on this ride were New Quay or nothing so Mrs Digby sniffed some out in a jiffy. The gannet among us ordered a dinner plate size teacake and then offered us zilch! Picture attached :-) The gang trundled out of New Quay and then off to Llanina and Cei Bach. More climbing to north of Llanarth and over towards Mydroilyn, before cutting across at Pencae to Talgarreg. Still no word about farting, weight watchers or girlie issues!! The Teifi Vixens were on best behaviour (although there was comment about chafing and Sudacrem but the fellas didn't hear). Another up (surprise, surprise) to Pisgah then took us to Post Bach and on to Plwmp. Ann had decorating commitments so legged it off down the main road home. The remaining four set off to Rhydlewis with a lovely down (phew). The Digbys then departed to Emlyn and Michele continued the tour with Steve and included a little bit of cyclo-cross in the back of beyond before popping up in Glynarthen. Goodbyes were said here as Steve cut across to Aberporth and Michele returned to Llangrannog. All in all a fab morning's ride. Thanks everyone!

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