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Severe Wind

A severe wind (meteorological that is) and and a threat of heavy rain later did not deter Jayne, Alison, Ann, Michelle and Julie from hot footing it out of Emlyn towards Cenarth. Original plans of 'The Tour of Trelech' were postponed for a balmier day and instead the 5 girls took the scenic road towards the Wildlife centre in order to rendezvous with the boys and to celebrate Graham's birthday. After climbing to Carreg Wen they faced headwinds towards Boncath. Alison and Jayne had a 'smell the roses and enjoy the scenery' sort of ride as both were nursing afflictions or ailments whilst the other 3 ladies disappeared off ahead scorching the fast road down from Rhos to Cilgerran and thence to the Wildlife centre for coffee. Graham had kindly bought coffee and cake for all to celebrate his great event but he politely declined to be given the bumps in honour of the great occasion and saving embarrassment to other customers in the cafe. The ride back to Emlyn was increasingly gusty and as the riders sped ahead it was left to Jayne and Alison to put the world to rights as they made sedate progress well to the rear.

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