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Bloody Brilliant

Wow! What a great club ride today.

Despite a miserable weather forecast five of us met in Emlyn ready for some damp and windy action. Besides me sen (sic) there was Dr Drool, Mr H, Stevie B and, newly returned from the genteel lanes of Monmouthshire, our very own Dynamo Dylan.

After a steady tap down to Llandysul punctuated with various attempts to re-dress according to the weather, we shimmied through the one way system down to the river and straight into an assault of the long climb to Pentrellwyn. About a mile of pain if you haven't been there. Despite stopping on the lower slopes to recover a piece of lung or something gobbed out, it was Mr H that had clearly been on the performance enhanced porridge and he steadily drifted away from the remnants of the group scattered, as they were, in various stages of despair. Regrouped and further re-dressed we battered on through a soggy headwind across the high veldt of Maesymeillion and crossing the A486 we hit the well known Classics training ground otherwise known as the road to Plwmp. Yours truly hit the front in a crazed imagination of Cancellara, head down, pumping the big ring oblivious to road conditions (I did say imagination). Gravel, mud, cow shit, no obstacle could halt this onslaught from Velo Teifi. Was that a grunt of approval I heard from the Dynamo as we plunged through a duck pond and there's the good Dr, Boonen like as he powers across multiple potholes. Mr H takes the sprint of course and we take 5 before descending to Llangranog for cake and race analysis. Bloody brilliant.

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