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Clean Bums Today

A sunny, breezy day brought out Julie, Alison, Meinir and Jayne ready to assail the ups and downs of the west Wales landscape. Various health niggles had forced some of the ladies to be less than fit for the rides ahead so a shorter, less arduous ride (really) was planned. Meinir had ridden to say hello and thence departed to participate in Mother's day duties leaving the other 3 to ride out to Henllan. Enjoying the spring sunshine, if not the cool wind, they rode across the Lampeter road and down to Brongest. The hill was climbed successfully by all 3 and an attractive lane was taken towards Beulah. Alison headed coastwards as Julie and Jayne descended in the direction of Emlyn where coffee and cake was taken on the rather posh chairs at Harrisons. (At least we had clean bums today!)

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