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Kay's First Ride

Jayney K welcomed new rider Kay to the ride from Llandyssul today, doubling the turnout. And wow what a first ride for Kay around the environs of the Teifi valley behind Llandyssul! Recovery from back ailments and a lady new to the sport meant the 2 girls took things carefully and hills were negotiated on 2 legs initially although they were quite sharp. Ups and downs, twists and turns with magnificent views to take in, K and J had their breaths taken away by the stunning scenery and knockout wild flowers especially the bluebells; so much so it was enough to turn anyone into a poet! At Capel Dewi they climbed up hairpins and onto a long straight lane across a plateau before turning down to Ruddlan and then along rolling lanes to Waunifor. A turn to the right on a B road brought them to another sharp turn and hairpin where 2 legs at least allowed them time to take in more views. The finale was a swift but gentle sweep through dazzling bluebell woods following a loop in the river and back to the town. Despite apparently having no open coffee shops on a Sunday the girls enjoyed coffee in the garden of the Porth hotel waxing lyrical over the river scenes.

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