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A Gender Neutral Ride

There was a great turnout for today's touring/social ride, hardly surprising as the weather promised to be kind. As Jayney K was otherwise engaged, Meinir was responsible for today's route so she, Alison & Tim N, John W, Steve B, Ian D and Ann B headed out of Cardigan for St Dogs and (impatient wheel-spinning idiot drivers notwithstanding) headed up the Cwm (Degwel). Everyone spread out a bit here, but after re-grouping at the top, we set off for Croft, and onwards via the back roads to Eglwyswrw. Descending down towards Crosswell, the Preseli mountains looked glorious in the late spring sunshine. Heading towards Pontyglasier and onwards through the flower lined roads towards Pontfaen, we took a diversion owing to the resurfacing of the bumpiest road on the planet (yay!). Out to Efail Nantgwyn and onwards to Boncath, the Frenni Fawr came into sight. Slurps were now overdue so a smart pace was adopted past Cilwendeg and onwards to Cilgerran to the favourite VT coffee-stop that is the Wildlife Centre. As is the unwritten law of cycling, coffee and cake were consumed and there was much congenial chatter, including the mysteries of the Hobbit House and tales of Mallorcan adventures. There ended today's touring/social/gender neutral ride. Thanks to everyone for turning out and for adopting a chilled attitude to club riding

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