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Puncture Repair Man

A pleasant surprise of 5 riders turned up at Llandyssul car park, so welcome to Ian, John, Alison and Tim. The first 2 were keen to show their deep rimmed wheels on their steeds and Jayney K was just pleased to see the numbers and could not believe her luck that the heavy rain forecast was totally absent. However as will be seen later things changed spectaculally. Light heartedness defined the group as they wended their way up, down and around pretty unknown lanes with accompanying calls of 'Where next Jayne?' Through Capel Dewi, up hairpins and hills through Cwrtnewedd and on towards Lampeter. Then the weather got its own back with a deluge and to top it all Jayney developed a slow puncture. To the rescue Tim Newby, who pumped up the tyre sufficiently to get every one to the coffee stop in Lampeter. Much fugging of windows in the cafe occurred as the soggy 5 entered the shop but after hot drinks and cakes they were ready to do the return in more direct fashion. A decision made by Tim to change Jayney's inner tube near Ruddlan made Tim the proud recipient of 'Puncture Repairman Award of the Day'. Fine weather returned as the riders returned to Llandyssul and Jayney had even avoided a parking ticket!

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