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Too Hot to Ride?

Meeting in the shade was the only sensible thing you could do in Emlyn even at 9.30 Sunday morning. 3 sweat - dripping boys turned up for the tourers ride - Ian, Peter and John obviously well warmed up unlike Jayney K who had just swanned down from her house. Pre- warm ups were telling as the 4 riders climbed up past Kurowski Castle to the crossroads at the top and then onwards and upwards past Heol of Oel to Penherber and beyond. Hopes of cooling winds were thwarted even up top as a steady pace and pleasant chat saw the riders head off past the windmills to the B road and then 5 roads. The usual reverberations of both bike and rider occurred as the 4 swept down the bone shaking lane in and out of shade and light towards Drefach Felindre and a welcome cup of coffee and cake at the woollen centre.'

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