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How the Mighty Fell

The club ride was looking particularly short staffed with just myself and Richard H turning up at Cenarth falls. Just about to set off and the phone rings. Barri Davies is on the other end 'I've gone to Cardi by mistake'. Must have been the way I say Cenarth. Anyhow, new plans are made and we meet up at Boncath before cracking on to Narberth. The original route had been out along Cwm Cych, down to Whitland, Tavernspite and returning up through Bethesda, Maenclochog, skirting the Preselis to Crymych and home. Barri's little diversion simply meant a reversal of the route. All was well until hitting previously unridden roads beyond Maencloggy. We weren't really lost, just temporarily in between known places. Anyway what does it matter when the riding is so good. Empty roads through glorious country with the odd steep hill to climb. Well one particularly odd and particularly steep hill actually, gravel and moss covered with a nice seepage of groundwater across it. Not sure what the gradient was but it was sufficient to negate any element of purchase. With the rear wheel spinning on every pedal stroke, forward motion soon comes to end. Front wheel bouncing, almost lost Ok. Spin, bounce, crash! Yes yours truly had hit the deck. No damage done thou. Fortunately Rich and Barri managed to unclip in time and we all did the last 30 metres or so on foot. Back on to mapped roads and we three-up time trialled to Narberth for coffee and cake. Refuelled we set off back via Whitland towards Cym Cych. It's a good road but with some long drags and the sun was beating down pretty hot now. Nevertheless, Barri and Richard were keen to keep a steady pace going between them whilst I practiced my wheel sucking skills.

Such effort deserved a reward and it was too fine a day not to take advantage of the well placed Nags Head pub set beside the river below Abercych. If effort deserved a pint, it deserved more than one and it was a mellow trio that subsequently weaved it's way home. Another fantastic day.

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