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Cauliflower Cheese?

Huge numbers turned out for the Emlyn Tourers ride, well 5 to be exact. Welcome Emma Burton to the gang, who it transpires, was a member a few years ago and is now a potential triathlon supremo out to hone her skills with the tourers. Training to be a chemist's dispenser Emma has obvious skills at providing under the counter commodities for anyone wanting to enhance their cycling...... no don't go there Jayney! Also glutton for punishment Jackie returned, bedazzled by the rides and leading the way in showing that there are alternatives to coffee and cake: cauliflower cheese! Jackie's partner Alan also came to sample delights of the ride along with John in superb matching Villier bike and strip combo. A cool but dry day saw the riders head out Henllan way and climb up the left fork to the main road. Crossing the A road they proceeded up a 'working flat' which, according to John is a re-categorisation of a hill. Across the B road and down to Brongest they took on the'hard working flat' out of Brongest and rode up to Beulah. The route to Cenarth was essentially downhill via the 'shitty' farm lane and Capel Tygwydd. Refreshments but sadly no cauliflower cheese for Jackie were taken in Cenarth before homeward departures.

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