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How to retain the Maillot Blanc...

Once upon a time, weekday evening VT were a mellow affair, a gentle spin, never managed a pub stop but hey! All this came to an abrupt halt when a certain Magic Roundabout character returned home... On the upside, the Thu night ride is a great place to get a few PBs - 25 for yours truly over 2 rides!!! So, eager not to be dropped before we'd started, the Peleton started to gather outside the Taskmaster's house 10 mins before the start time. When he appeared, all was quiet for a mo, esp so as he rode past us (phew?!) then looked twice & came back (gulp?!) The usual banter ensued, Jav arrived & then Mr H, sans baggage - OMG this was gonna be serious - eventually the Chairman arrived having done a 60 mile warm up ride, nr Hay on Wye on a copy of Mr H's bike - now this is getting daft. The usual VT route decision protocol was followed to the letter - several Mornington Crescent style bids were dismissed with the disdain that is unique to the best cycling club in Cardigan. A few random places were then strung together and the peleton was rolling... The next few miles were a blur of gear changes, car horns & the Chairman doing his bit for cyclist - car drive relations. Hills came, hills went, pubs were passed, I (generously) paced the Taskmaster up a hill - I stayed behind him so he got full training value!!!! Jav vanished off to work - or at least that was his excuse. The ride descended into 'Follow my Leader' which meant Mr H maintained the maillot blanc (who would have thought he was that young???) until it ground to halt at Llechryd bridge. Here options were discussed but again, with tactical mastery Mrs Trellis would have admired, Mr H lead a stately procession over the bridge & left. At the church we were told about the Coracle that is kept there for emergencies - that's one hell of a sermon... A re-group above the Nags resulted into a impromptu handicapped hill climb towards Cenarth. If you want to know the outcome you need to trawl Strava - all I know is I started first & did not finish last!!! At Cenarth, I left the peloton to the delights of Emlyn, Henllan and all the hills east of 4 Deg West.

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