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Cake O'Clock

We have only done 8 miles and it's cake o'clock already!" exclaimed Meinir. Prior to cake excitement Pete had hammered the lanes from Glynarthen to the Ffostrassol arms to meet the Meinir and Jayney. More climbing for Pete whilst fresh - as -daisies the 2 girls sort - of powered up, then down the hill to Plwmp. Twists and turns with chit and chat they passed through Caerwedros before taking on the hairpin challenge (at least downhill) that defines Cwmtydu.) After meeting a cycling couple from Bristol which became one of those "it's a small world isn't it" type of conversations the riders settled down to their coffees before the tourist hordes arrived. However peace was disturbed by not exactly tourists but rather the hordes that were the club ride boys. Great minds and all that... Prising themselves away finally from the banter, the tourers took the Plwmp to (almost) Talgarreg route before returning to the pub.

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