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Two Rivers

Eight riders including respective friends of Alison and Jayne, namely Tania and Jennie arrived ready to take on the renowned 2 rivers ride. Greetings also to David resplendent in full VT kit and who was partaking in his first VT ride. Usual suspects Tim, Ian and Pete were also in attendance hoping for something out of the ordinary! Meandering away from the industrial estate and following both the river Rheidol and the little railway line, the riders were serenaded on their way up by the tooting train.Turning across the dam they encountered the first and only big challenge of the day the very steep hill to the main Devil's bridge. Norfolk dweller and connoisseur of all things flat, Jennie took to Shank's pony as did most of the other riders in order to take in the fabulous view. Welcome refreshments were taken at the 2 Hoots cafe and a visit to a surprise chocolate shop (as you do in the middle of nowhere) was just the ticket for Jennie's holiday shopping. Despite the threat of rain the riders enjoyed a dry run down the impressive Ystwyth valley which seemed to go on for ever. Taking to the cycle path around 'Funnel hill' the rain finally began to fall. Around Aberystwyth's prom and finally returning to the leisure centre a good day had been enjoyed by all.

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