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Battle of the Headwinds

It was 100% female tourers today and Meinir was back and meaning business. The 2 girls decided that dry roads were better than greasy, leaf strewn and thorny covered lanes. Departing Emlyn on the way to Llandyssul roundabout, the ride became a battle of the headwinds as the 2 girls puffed their way up the by-pass towards Bwlch-y-groes. 'No pain no gain will get your fitness back on track' puffed Jayney. Expletives filled the air as idiots in 4 wheels came almost too close too call. Sailing back towards Emlyn on the B road enabled top speeds to be gained down the Cilgwyn dip. Free coffee and cake was the big attraction at the Emlyn arms, courtesy of El President, (Editors Note - free Cake was a late addition proposed, seconded and approved by the Sec!) inwhere the boys had just pipped the girls to the best seats. Certainly a ride to blow away the cobwebs. 

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