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From Pea Soup to Sunshine

With a pea souper all around it didn't look a promising start from Emlyn but Pete and Jayne decided that a trip to Poppit would be in order. Before climbing the lane above Kurowski castle they happened upon Brian who had no choice but to share the jolly jaunt. Keeping to lower valley levels past Abercych and Manor Teifi they headed uneventfully but pleasantly through the Wildlife centre and St. Dogmaels before climbing Cwm Degwel to the apex of Cippyn hill. Pausing to take in superb views on such a sunny day the riders swept down to Poppit sands with promise of delicious coffee and cake and, as you never know who you will bump into, a chat with Jason and Jane Wilkins minus their bikes. A straightforward return along the main road ensued before parting of the ways.

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