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It's all Downhill from the Cattle Grid

Finch Sq was the assembly point for the Peloton - at the appointed hr, this comprised, El President, Mr H, Meinir & The Underling - Meinir decided she didn't need a easy day out with the boyz so set off for a solo workout. El P suggested a circuitous route to Newport - first waypoint Cilgerran! STOP PRESS - the awkward anti cycling (for some) vertical fish-trap at the start of the cycle path past the marshes has gone - hurrah!!! From Cilgerran it was right towards Rhos Hill up a road that is never steep but is relentless - at least we were warm at the X roads. Crosswell was our next way point however El P had a senior moment and wasn't sure of the way! Mr H led the way straight over the x roads for a rollercoaster ride - for an overall height gain of 30m there is a lot of up n down. Down the main road, throu Eglwyswrw in a flash, onward to Crosswell and another warming climb up to the cattle grid where we turned right for what El P promised would a downhill run all the way into Newport... Now dear reader, whilst there is much to commend the route past Blue Stone Brewery into Newport, even El P had to admit that it was not all down hill - but fair play he did stand a round of coffees to make up for this faux pas. The run home went up the hairpins behind the Nevern church (much beloved by those who have done the Angel 40 miler) and then via the lanes to Croft - nothing of any consequence happened. At Croft, the Underling left the Peloton to take the direct route to Cardigan.

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