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Frozen Puddles and Frostbite

It was one of those "brilliant - winter - sun -straight - into - the - eyes - can't - see - a - thing - mornings" made worse by "freezing - cold - shoes - and - gloves - too, - (almost) - all - my - external - bits - about - to - drop - off - from - frostbite", sort of days. However, gluttons for punishment, Jackie and Alan knew that the VT tourers ride was worth driving down from London for. The brave duo plus hardy perennials John and Ian said goodbye to club riders from Ffinch Square to traverse lowlands(!) of Aberporth, Gwbert and Mwnt. Blinded most of the time by the sun and teased by a cold wind Jayney had hoped nearness of the sea might have meant above freezing temperatures would prevail. Alas not, as freezing ice puddles popped up in awkward spots to catch the unwary cyclist. Steady progress was made by the quintet through Blaenannerch and down to Llechryd towards the Wildlife centre. Lulled by hot coffee, chocolate brownie, and sausage baguette, it wasn't long before the riders had to tear themselves away and once more immerse themselves in the winter wonderland and back to Ffinch square.

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