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Tucked Up in Their Oneses?

So where were the club riders? All tucked up in their oneses hibernating! Hard core club rider not in his onesey, Brian, turned up to join forces with Jayne, John and Ian. A trip to Newport was in store, heading towards some blue sky and despite a headwind (we know there will be a tailwind on the way back) they set off up Cwm Degwel. It was mountain - bike - style with stones, sticks and mud trying to prevent the ascent. Further mudfest ensued along lanes to Ffelindre Ffarchog with Brian showing his amphibious ambitions in riding through the gushing ford. Sensible bridge options were taken by the other 3 as Jayney remembered her crash in the ford 7 years ago. Cafe Blas was warm and welcoming with delicious cake and coffee. Brian regaled us with his tales of triathlon derring-do and reminded us of 'looking after your socks!' Despite much chat he still managed to win the cake eating contest in record time. Chapeau Brian or should that be Gateau! Saying goodbye to Brian who took a direct route home, the remaining riders ascended the steady, but non too onerous hill up from Newport bridge. More mudfest towards Glanrhyd and a final push back to Cardigan.

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