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Wine & Porridge

Girl power at Cenarth was tripled as Alison and Ann arrived bringing with them plenty of giggles plus joys of spring (!?) Obviously powered up by wine with their porridge! Tim rolled up all smiles but probably hadn't had wine with his porridge. With Ian and Pete all 6 riders set off for the Nags head before turning up the Cych valley. It was a very cold, but stunning ride with brilliant sunshine smack into the eyes, and twisting round, up and down the narrow lane they eventually reached the steep ascending loop at Cwm Morgan. 'Walking is good for you - stretches out different muscles' thought Jayney. Up past the windmills to the B road they went, maximising vitamin D intake from the sunshine, before taking the lane to 5 roads. The downhill past Penboyer was fast and and very cold, chilling brains and muscles alike. Everyone was glad to get to the Emlyn Arms for coffee and the eye popping display of beautifully arranged cakes was some thing to behold!

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