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Wool in your Chainset

A massive turnout at Emlyn of 10 riders amidst the pea soup and with quick division Dylan, Brian and Richard took the long route to Llangrannog. Meinir, Alison, Tim, Jayne, Pete, Ian and John proceeded socially out and up Cwm Cou hill via muddy lanes to Beulah. With Pete and John sharing leader duties, miles were covered quickly with delightful views above the misty valley. Towards Penbryn they took the steep coastal lane up towards Llangrannog and the final descent was down a rough old road more suited to mountain biking. Proud selfie moments ensued before coffee and cake delights at an otherwise empty cafe. The antisocial threesome finally arrived blaming sheep on the road for their tardiness (it's - the - wool - in - my - chainset - from - those - woolly - b***ers) was their excuse. Departing Llangrannog up to Brynhoffnant Jayney was becoming a bit ' boil in the bag ' and was regretting her 5 layers of clothing as the sun shone ever hotter. Saying farewell to John and Ian on the main road the remaining 4 social riders returned home via Rhydlewis.'

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