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Ducks in your Mech

'A truly spring like day saw Tim, Alison, Jayne and Brian take on the green and blue trails at Brechfa (hopefully a prelude to bigger challenges in the year.) "Always go through the middle of puddles to get the best line " although fortunately it was pleasingly dry and eroded patches had mostly been patched up. Warming up on the first single track Jayney realised that a 'quacking' sound from her front wheel was a result of not locking it tightly enough in place and not ducks caught in the mech. Meanwhile the boys were busy on the black trail 'play berms' and then they all proceeded down the fire track. Alison and Jayne almost missed the next single track (which the boys missed completely) but everyone met up to take on the start of the blue trail. A steep single track and sharp turn before further stoney ascents to the fire track. 'Remember not to look down too much - keep eyes fixed just in front of you.' The blue trail single track unfolded with obvious greater difficulty than the green and larger sweeping berms. Fun at the table tops (accelerate in and press down on the handlebars at the top to avoid take off.) Rejoining the green trail, there was a long stoney single track before a kick up to the fire track and another single track. The boys had gone on to play on a bit of black whilst the girls came puffing along behind. The final single track to the car park was a good finale and to top it off: lunch in The Forest Arms.

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