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Spiky Birds

Best day yet for a glorious spring ride!" Andrew, John and Jayne were joined by Tim and Alison fresh back from "Way of the Roses" coast to coast tour across the north of England, looking lean and ready for more 2 wheeled action. Outward bound to Abercych and the lanes en route to Boncath, it was truly the joys of spring with bluebells, red kites, skylarks and more. Merry banter in attendance as the quintet approached Crymych and ascended around Freni - Fawr. More ornithological discussion ensued regarding curlews and lapwings before the boys decided enough was enough and made a sprint to the top of Freni - Fach. The descent to the Cych valley is steep and winding and not helped by the presence of a large, lane blocking tractor at the narrowest part of the road. As the big spike was behind the machine no rider was impaled and they rode on in one piece to meet Jav and Dylan at the coffee shop in Cenarth.

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