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Boys Bike Banter

A glorious day saw Pete, Ian, John, Tim, Alison, Jayne and newcomer Rob (who was inspired by the time trial and wanted a taste of the social rides) depart Emlyn. Taking the main road out towards Llangeler and Rhos the riders took the left turn at the "roman road." Riding the rollercoaster road and taking in the magnificent views to the north the riders took a right turn towards Llanpumpsaint and a next left which Jayney had been keen to explore. Starting off as a gradual descent with a good surface the 5 mile road to Llandyssul soon became rougher. Andrew, having ridden up to join the group led the ride down towards Llandyssul. "Mind the rough surface and take care on the 25% descent."Grouping at the junction "BBB" (Boys bike banter) ensued - talking tech according to Jayne and Alison. Plenty of tree cover cut the heat of the day and a lumpy, bumpy, rollercoaster lane followed eventually to the descent to Pentrecwrt. After a swift, safe ride back to the Woollen mill the octet enjoyed good refreshments and chat. A fabulous day's ride.

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